Region 6-2 Winter Training​​

**PER NHQ/REGS- A FLU SHOT IS REQUIRED**​  A flu shot should be obtained at least six weeks prior to training for full effect


Things to know/do before registering your cadet:

  • Dress Blues are the required dress uniform- if your unit does not have them or you are in a region that only wears whites, now is the time to start looking for the uniform for your cadet(s). Don't wait until the last minute. Check with your region, the uniform facebook page, facebook workplace, your NHQ rep, etc. Different people have different connections. 
  • You MUST email the COTC PRIOR to registering your cadet, if they plan on using the three-for-free; orders will be cancelled for any cadet that is registered for three-for-free without the COTC's prior approval 
  • Make sure that if your cadet(s) is flying in for training, that they book a flight with an airline that allows unaccompanied minors- there will NOT be staff to meet any cadet at their gate, NOR will there be staff to go through security to drop them off for departure- **THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT** and must be relayed to the parent/guardian prior to them booking a flight- there will be a shuttle for the cadet(s) flying in, but they will ONLY be met at baggage claim by a Sea Cadet Adult Volunteer.
  • Make sure there is a valid email address in Magellan for the recruit as this will be how additional information is sent out regarding the training
  • Alert the COTC soonest if the cadet has a food allergy, or any dietary limitations- we may OR may not be able to accommodate 
  • Make sure your cadet/parent knows that this is not a "summer camp"- prepare both the cadet and the parent- there will be early mornings and long days- this is a military type boot camp!

Registering your cadet:

  • register your cadet on Magellan
  • DO NOT UPLOAD ANY FORMS THAT ARE NOT REQUESTED BELOW- this will be a waste of time for the person uploading as well as the COTC who has to review everything that is uploaded
  • once confirmed- upload the NSCTNG 001 (request for training form)- the form must be physically signed and initialed by the parent, no signature or initials should be typed, if so, the form will be rejected and will need to be corrected; the form should also be signed by the unit CO prior to the upload
  • Do not upload the updated medical history until 26 Nov or after. It will not be accepted if uploaded prior to this date- do not upload a post-dated medical history, it will not be accepted
  • Once the 001 has been completed and uploaded, the following forms need to be completed by the cadet/parent soonest and uploaded as well- there should be no delays as these are easily accessible and easy to complete!! Do not wait for 26 Nov to upload the 001 and the below 5 forms.
  1. Rules and Regulations Form
  2. COs TOP 6 Form
  3. Site Exemption Form
  4. Live Fire Waiver Form
  5. Unit created training Invoice from Magellan-UNIT responsibility
  6. Verify that the cadet has had or is getting a FLU shot prior to training


  • Once all of the above listed forms have been uploaded and payment has been made, then the recruit will be approved. Registration alone does not guarantee a billet, payment alone does not guarantee a billet. The instructions must be followed, the forms uploaded, payment made- billets are guaranteed ONLY once the orders have been approved by the COTC
  • A reminder email will be sent out on 26 Nov for the updated medical history- this should be completed by the parent and uploaded SOONEST after 26 Nov.

UPDATED MEDICAL HISTORY-make sure that ALL fields have been completed PRIOR to uploading into Magellan. Do NOT assume that it was filled out correctly. Do your due diligence, this will save time!! The form must be PHYSICALLY signed AND PHYSICALLY initialed by the parent/guardian (no "typed" signatures OR initials). If it is not, it will be rejected and will need to be corrected. Verify that if anything is marked "yes" in fields 4 or 6, that there is a good description in the comments section 9. If not, the form will be rejected and will need to be corrected. Be sure that the current shot records of the cadet are also uploaded

Prior to the start of training:

  • conduct a sea bag check, make sure the cadet has everything listed on the sea bag list 
  • ALL original forms should be placed in the cadet's service jacket and sent with them to the training- they should NOT arrive at check-in without their service jacket- if sending multiple service jackets with ONE person, then the recruit(s) will be required to sit to the side until the service jacket arrives
  • verify that a Medical Exam is current  (within the past 12 months) AND that it is on the Sea Cadet Medical Exam form -PER REGS-- if there not a current exam in the service jacket, the parent will need to take the cadet to get an updated physical completed before they will be allowed to check in for training. 
  • verify that a medical supplemental has been completed if the recruit is bringing medication of ANY kind- OTC requires parent and unit CO signature, RX requires parent, DR, and unit CO signature- this form needs to be uploaded into Magellan AND an email sent to the COTC soonest!