Region 6-2 Winter Training​​

**PER NHQ/REGS- A FLU SHOT IS REQUIRED**​  A flu shot should be obtained at least six weeks prior to training for full effect

Recruit/Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

If you follow the information on this page, then the registration process should go smoothly. 

Contact your local unit POC (point of contact) regarding registering your cadet for training-do not email the COTC- unless you are sent an email from the COTC, all communication should flow through your unit 

Parents of cadets flying in for training, that will need transportation to/from the training site refer to the "flight instructions" page on this website

The registration process is as follows:

  • register for training via your local unit POC
  • wait for confirmation (should be with-in 24 hours, unless your cadet is on the wait list)
  • once registration is confirmed, go to the Recruit Training page of this website and complete the forms (there are 5 forms, but only 4 can be completed and uploaded prior to 26 Nov- see below)- and review ALL other information on that page
  • send ALL 4 completed forms to your unit POC soonest so they can be uploaded into the Magellan system
  • take the time to review the Sea Bag list- DO NOT WAIT!!! Some thing are easier to obtain than others, check with your local unit POC for assistance- DRESS BLUE uniforms are a requirement for this training!
  • your cadet is required to have a flu shot- per NHQ/REGS to attend this training
  • a Medical History form is REQUIRED, however, it cannot be completed until 26 Nov or immediately after- the Medical History form is a parent/guardian completed form and cannot be submitted sooner than 30 days prior to the start of any training. This should be uploaded, along with a current shot record, on 26 Nov !! All medical history forms are reviewed by the training personnel, prior to training, so be as thorough and accurate as possible. If any box in fields 4 or 6 are marked "yes" then there MUST be a detailed description ion field 9, otherwise the form will be rejected and will need to be corrected- the updated form and the current shot records should be sent to the unit POC to upload into Magellan, and the original should be placed into the cadet's service jacket for check in
  • verify with your unit POC that the Medical Exam (not the same as the Medical History) form has been completed by your cadet's DR within the past 12 months and will not expire until after the training has begun. If it does, then a new Medical Exam will be required before check-in day of training and placed into the recruit's service record- the medical exam MUST be on the Sea Cadet exam form, the DR simply cannot put "see attached" and then place a physical form there in it's place, the Exam MUST be on the Sea Cadet form
  • once the forms have been uploaded, and you have verified that the unit POC has uploaded the Magellan generated invoice, then go to the ONLINE PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS page to pay for the enrollment fee and the training t-shirt (not optional)
  • once the forms are verified and payment received by the COTC, then orders will be approved- your cadet cannot check into training without orders!!
  • a Medical Supplemental Form MUST be completed if the recruit is bringing medication of ANY kind- OTC requires parent and unit CO signature, RX requires parent, DR, and unit CO signature- this form needs to be uploaded into Magellan, original placed in the service jacket AND an email sent, by the unit POC, to the COTC soonest!
  • the training is only 9 (nine) days- we have to squeeze a ton of training into that time frame so no letters/emails/phone calls coming in or going out will be allowed- **No News is Good News**​