Region 6-2 Winter Training​​

  1. Verify that your cadet has been CONFIRMED for this training- DO NOT PAY UNTIL THEY HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED!!!!
  2. Verify/Confirm with your UNIT POC that the MAGELLAN Invoice has been uploaded- we MUST have the Magellan invoice uploaded by the unit under the cadet- this is a requirement by NHQ!!!!!
  3. Click on the green "pay here" button-and follow the prompts
  4. At this time, you will need to select the number of cadets that you are paying for (it should default to 1-VERIFY) there will be an order summary, -verify that you are paying the correct amount for the number of cadets that you are submitting the payment for
  5. Click on either the Paypal yellow check out button and you can use this option to pay via your own Paypal account - follow the prompts from there **OR** If you do NOT have a Paypal account or just wish to pay via your regular credit card, then click on the grey "check out" button-follow the prompts from there
  6. The $235 fee includes the $220 registration fee, $10 T-shirt Fee and $5 online payment convenience fee (PayPal)
  7. ****IMPORTANT**** Once you have paid, send an email to the COTC with the First and Last name of your cadet AND their t-shirt size!!!

Follow these ONLINE payment instructions in the order as listed below and this will cut down on emails back and forth between the parent/cadet, the unit POC and the COTC

BEFORE paying for your cadet, you MUST verify that they have been "confirmed" for Recruit Training.

The process is: registration, confirmation, paperwork completed/turned in, payment; THEN and ONLY then will orders be approved. 

Registration  Fees are NON-Refundable!


**PER NHQ/REGS- A FLU SHOT IS REQUIRED**​  A flu shot should be obtained at least six weeks prior to training for full effect