**PER NHQ/REGS- A FLU SHOT IS REQUIRED**​  A flu shot should be obtained at least six weeks

prior to training for full effect

The following applies to cadets flying without adult supervision.

If you are accompanying your cadet on their flight, you will need to provide your own transportation to the training site to get your cadet checked-in.

  • email the COTC **FIRST** to advise of plans to fly so your cadet can be added to the list needing transportation to/from the training site
  • flights MUST be made on an airline that allows for UNACCOMPANIED MINORS- there will NOT be anyone available to meet your cadet at the gate for arrivals, NOR take them through security to the gate for departures- **THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE**
  • book a REFUNDABLE ticket- in the event the training gets cancelled, cadet illness, family emergency, etc...
  • the arriving/departing airport is Jacksonville International Airport
  • ALL ARRIVING FLIGHTS should arrive prior to 1500 on 26 December 2019
  • ALL DEPARTING FLIGHTS should depart AFTER 1400 on 03 January 2020
  • As SOON as flight information has been obtained, email the COTC with the airline, flight number and arrival time for your cadet ​
  • your cadet will need to travel with a cell phone, phone charger, identification, tickets for flights, money for meals and incidentals they may need while traveling- **ALL of these things will be confiscated at check-in and returned on graduation day**
  • travel is to be made in CIVILIAN clothing- no uniforms while traveling!!! the cadet can wear the same civilian clothing home that they wear to the training, this will save on packing space in their sea bag
  • DRESS BLUES should be in a garment bag- the airline can hang it in the closet in the First Class area of the plane
  • Check AND Double Check that ALL components of the Dress Blue uniform are in the garment bag before leaving home: under shirt, jumper top, neckerchief, pants, dress socks, dress shoes, dixie cup, name tag, earned ribbons
  • the cadets will meet a Sea Cadet vetted adult volunteer in the baggage claim area, cadet and adult volunteer will show each other their Sea Cadet ID cards- so make sure it is easily accessible
  • a few days before the training begins, an email will be sent to all those flying with the picture, name, rank and phone number of the adult meeting them at baggage claim, as well as what uniform they will be wearing

Region 6-2 Winter Training​​