Region 6-2 Winter Training​​

**PER NHQ/REGS- A FLU SHOT IS REQUIRED**​  A flu shot should be obtained at least six weeks prior to training for full effectType your paragraph here.



Recruit Training check-in will be a smooth, almost seamless process, if the below instructions are followed:

  • Cadets should NOT travel in any uniform; cadets will have a place to change at the check in site, or you may choose to find a place (rest stop, gas station, etc) and change before arrival 
  • follow the signs -signs will be posted as to which building to go to for check-in, signs to point in the direction of where cadets arriving in civilian clothing are to change, rest rooms etc
  • this will be a QUIET check-in, so adults,please keep the talking to a very low volume; RECRUITS should only speak when spoken to by training staff
  • recruits should check in wearing their Dress Blue Uniform
  • recruits should have their Sea Cadet ID card in their jumper top uniform pocket
  • recruits should have their service jacket in their hand ready to give to the Admin Officer
  • recruits should have any/all medications easily accessible to hand over to the medical personnel

  1. PARENTS/Guardians MUST wait until their cadet(s) has been full checked-in before they leave the training site
  2. recruits will line up at the check-in door, parents can wait inside, seating available
  3. recruits will be called inside for check-in, carrying their sea bag and service jacket
  4. recruits will be given vitamin C upon arrival, as well as every morning and evening for the duration of the training
  5. recruits will check in with the Admin Officer at the first table and will be given their Ship Assignment
  6. after checking in with the Admin Officer, if recruits have medications they will move to the medical table and check in with the Medical Personnel and hand over any medications **PARENTS- will be called over to discuss medications with the Medical Personnel, if needed- do not approach until called**
  7. after checking in with the Medical Personnel, the recruit will move to the Sea Bag area for Sea Bag Inspection
  8. if no medications, the recruit will move from the Admin Officer straight to the Sea Bag area for Sea Bag inspection
  9. after Sea Bag inspection, parents will be called around and be given a chance to say good bye to their cadet, parents depart promptly after cadet has been fully check-in
  10. recruits will be given further instructions by their Staff Cadet and training will commence